Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Technology - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Technology Growth Technology - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

You know I feel sort of crazy writing about technology and saying anything negative especially since it is what I'm using right now!

But, as you know, I like to inspire my readers so here it goes....

Technology can be awesome.  It can show you parts of the world you'd never get to see.  It can help you reach out to family and friends and it can give you answers to medical concerns and such.  On the other hand, technology at the same time can be bad.  Bad in the sense in that it seems more and more we are becoming addicted to it.  We look at people addicted to other things, but sometimes I think we have to take a look in the mirror and see that there is an addiction to technology.  Have you noticed that more and more, people cannot put down their phones?  They almost "have" to tweet, check Facebook, send a text, an email.  And, they have to do while driving, at dinner, and yes...even at work.  So much of this is now being done at work that I personally have noticed the trend of really no work happening and more tweeting and texting happening.  For me, who grew up with a work ethic, it's very disturbing.  Not only because of my work ethic, but also because I believe that if I'm getting a paycheck, I should earn it and so should they. I believe we will have to answer for "stealing" company money by not earning it one day.  By not doing what was right.   I have to say if I were the owner or boss at several places, I would have let go several employees by now.  Employees who are more interested in  texting than pitching in and helping others that are swamped would be let go, but perhaps the bosses are too busy doing it as well to notice!  I just don't get it.    I grew up in that if you caught up on your work, you didn't sit idle, you didn't use it to text or check Facebook, you used that time to help your fellow coworker.  You went out and said - can I help you? or you?  We weren't afraid of work and if we all helped each other, the work got done and no one was left behind - everyone pitched in and helped.  Now, people actually hide to be on their phones behind cabinets, doors, etc, and some even do it right there in the open.   This is what I consider the bad of technology...people becoming so addicted that they can't stop using it. They can't sit through a dinner, a movie or even drive without checking something.  How many people have had fatal accidents because of texting while driving.  Really?  Are you kidding me?  What was so important it couldn't wait?  Please people...let it wait!  I promise the world won't end if you don't answer that text while driving.  This is part of the ugly of technology.

Now we come to more of the ugly.  The ugly is where technology gets so involved that family, friends, work suffer and not only that, but so does God.  One of the commandments is that "Thou shalt have no other God before me."  How many people worship their technology instead of God?  And we wonder why things are getting so bad! We've put Him last so he will put us last.  What a shame.  Not only that, but how many children raise themselves why parents just have to be on Facebook or whatever it is that keeps them away from their children? 

Now, imagine if you will, what if for a day - those that are so addicted would just put it all down and put that same effort into their children, their families, and others?  Helping those in need, serving the community in a way, really having family nights of playing games and listening to the children's days, calling parents to check on them, grandparents, extended family.  Actually putting real effort in.

Think about it - is that person tweeting what they ate really that important?  Or the person who just bought a boat and posts it on your Facebook life ending for you?  And yet, I see so many grandparents in nursing homes with no family visiting, no one sending them new clothes to wear and only calls or visits on the major holidays.  What a shame.  There are so many left there - you could even "adopt" a grandparent at a local nursing home and make a difference to them.  They have some awesome stories to tell and really could use someone showing they cared.  But, are tweets, games, Facebook, texts - more important?

Are you addicted?  How often do you have to be on the computer? Your phone? Do you have to check it every time it goes off?  Do you have to see that text and reply right away?  Do you have to be on it every day?  You may be addicted.  Who in your life is suffering because you are not putting 100% into your relationship with them?  Is your life just texts, tweets, Facebook or are you more committed into doing something really important with your life and making a difference?  Who or what are you serving?  Is it technology or God?  Okay, say you aren't a believer - I can't change your mind, but what if I am right on that?  Will He know you?  Will you know Him?  And even if you don't believe - does your family know you or are you just that person passing through their life not making true memories because you are too busy for them and find yourself having to use technology instead?

Let me inspire you to take a step back.  Husbands, just think, if you put more effort into your marriage - how it could blossom.  Wives, same thing.  And what if you both put more effort into your children?  Teaching them the joys of life.  Sitting outside looking into the sky and showing them the amazing stars.  How are they supposed to learn appreciation of things if you aren't showing them that?  If you never stop to smell the roses, then neither will they.  Stop and admire a sunset with them, show them the vast beauty around us.  Lay back and look at the clouds, listen to birds singing.  Children need someone to show them what is around them - why not you?  When is the last time you wrote your spouse a love letter?  Visited an elderly person and listened to their stories and then did something to make their life easier or special?  Take today and unplug.  Try to do it more than you are plugged in.  The world won't end over a text you missed, but you will have people in your world ending around you before you even know it.  No one is guaranteed a tomorrow - not adults nor children.  Stop.  Did you get that?  Today could be the last day you had to connect with someone close to you.  Did you use it wisely?  Or did you squander it on the computer or phone?

Make a difference in lives of others and even your own.  Challenge yourself and depending on how hard it was for you to unplug from all that technology for a day, will tell you just how addicted you were.  Unplug your kids too - I bet they are addicted as well.  But, if you go camping or do something together as a family, there may be complaining and mad faces at first, but then once they've let go of it, they will start to enjoy the fun and serenity and peace that can come with unplugging and not being a slave to technology. 

Remember, things are only bad if abused.  As with all things, moderation is the key.  Start a new day - today!  Good luck!

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