Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Inspires You?


What inspires you?  Is it faith? Is it a great shopping trip?  Is it a new product you bought and you just love it?

There are so many things that inspire us and I'd love to hear from you on what inspires you. 

Are you a better cook due to a product you got?  For example, I just bought the silicone covered tongs.  How did I live without them?  From using them in frying to turn things over to stirring spaghetti cooking and also using it as a "grabber" to reach something high on the shelves!  This is one great product!  It inspires me to want to cook more!

In faith, I'm inspired by Reading the Bible in 365 days.  I've made myself a promise to do this - this year.  It is inspirational knowing that I am finding time to be in the word which inspires me to be a better person daily. 

Music - music inspires me, makes me alive - it can inspire happiness, faith and saddness.  I like a lot of things no longer even be played like Walking on Sunshine as a quick pick me up.  I love Christmas carols!

It's your turn now - what inpsires you?  What gets you going? This blog is open to not only inspirational stories which we all love, but also for things you enjoy, like, a great product or book, a wonderful recipe! 

I'd like you to share with me something you enjoy that inspires you - or something that you enjoy!  Drop me a line!

Until next time...