Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With the Old - In With the New!

2012 is almost behind us and I can see we all survived the Myan theories.  2013 is knocking at our doors. 

What will you do in 2013 to be different? better?   What are your resolutions?

We've had a bumpy ride in 2012 - how will 2013 be different?  As we near the new year and the fiscal cliff hangs over our heads or should I say as we stand on the edge ready to fall over, what will 2013 bring? 

Why not start off 2013 with a resolution to make this a year where a difference is made.  Start a charity, help the homeless, become a volunteer, spend more time with family - just to name a few. As we see the years fly by - what do we do to make a difference in someone's life?  When our time is done, how will we be remembered? 

So many folks are caught up in jobs, family suffers.  Then there are those that finish working, only to come home and be engaged back in electronics, tv, games or whatever that family still suffers.  We buy so many toys, games, etc that children do not even know what to play with.

Let me take you down memory lane...for those of you who are older and for those of you who are not - - read on - you'll experience something here...

There was a time when presents were just for Christmas and maybe birthday.  We waited all year to get those special items.  And, when we got them, it may be one - three items.  It wasn't a lot.  And we cherish these items so much.  We finally waited until Christmas.  We were good girls and boys and we were rewarded and it was great!  That one wonderful gift.  You'd play with it all year long.  Still might even have it to this day.  Now days, children are receiving so much - what is cherished?  Will the hold onto any memories and toys like we did?  I doubt it.  Why?  because it is a constant flow of things into their lives.  After a while, when is enough enough?  We learned the value of a dollar because things were not so freely handed.  And imagine - how much they would have in a savings account if only they were not bought all the expensive items and it were put away for their future?  Do they really need all of the things we give them?  No.  Put a child in the middle of the floor with all the high tech fancy toys and put a cardboard box in the middle or pots and pans.  They will play with a box or pots and pans longer.  Why?  Imagination.  We want to give them everything but really they only need a little and a lot of imagination and love and attention. Not to mention discipline and rules.    So many people I talk with today have complained that workers only want to text all day.  They don't want to work.  Well, we are raising them into that society.  Give, give, give - give them lots, give them more, have no rules, go watch or do something and get out of my way - I've had a hard day.  The value of the dollar, morals, work ethics are going by the way side.  Every time I watch Supernanny on TV, the kids are out of control. Parents gave them everything and the children are running rampid.  When she comes in - the one thing she does every time is give them structure, discipline, and rewards.  The children always fall in line and are much happier.  So why is it that our society now needs Supernanny to help out?  Are we so out of touch that we've lost how to give structure etc. to our own children?
2013 - why not scale back a little?  Do you have enough? Do your children?  Do they really need everything all the time?  Maybe a couple of special gifts. Start a gift list instead of just buying.  Everytime they see something they want, tell them you will put it on the gift list for when birthday or Christma comes.  Don't just run out and buy it.  Then right before birthdays or Christmas, have them go throw the list again and mark down their number 3 toys and mark off things they no longer want.  You will find that a lot of the items they craved and "had to have" at that impulse second, no longer even interest them.  Do you have to play games, be on ipods, phones yourself when you are home?  Why not pull out some board games and spend some time together doing something fun the whole family can enjoy?  Go on a campout in your livingroom.  Do smores in the microwave, put out sleeping bags - even pitch a small tent.  Go on nature walks, teach your children to fish, fly a kite, bike ride together, etc.   Show them the beauty of a sunset, the stars in the sky, show them the world around them.  How leaves float down, the sounds of crickets - things they can latch onto and remember.  Take a camera - spend a day outdoors.  Do a picnic. Plant a garden and let them watch it grow. These are things children can not only have fun doing, but something that gives them purpose and meaning and not just another toy thrown on the floor.

Lets get back to roots and bare basics and use any of that extra money instead of buying all the latest and greatest - why not use some of that to help someone in need?  Tithe?  Save?  To much is given, much will be expected.  Our money is given to us to sustain us, but extra should be given to help others and do things more meaningful with it.  Scaling back will also help the family if times get rough and children will adapt better during those times too then. 

We may have not gotten much when I grew up, but I still remember my special gifts and still have them to this day.  When we get little - it means so much more when we get it.  They meant more when you had less.  Try it...make 2013 the year that you scale back on things and scale up on quality, family and such.

Have a great 2013!  ...until next time....

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