Friday, September 28, 2012

Ducks - #1 in Teamwork and Life Lessons!

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Ducks - #1 in Teamwork and Life Lessons!

I know - you may be thinking - what can ducks teach me about teamwork and life? Everything.  If you've heard of this before - great - read it again as a great reminder and if you've never heard of it - then please read this - you'll be pleasantly surprised.
What we can learn from ducks is a valuable lesson.  Do you know that there is a reason they fly in the V shape?  You see the front duck takes up the leader role and takes the brunt of the wind for the rest of the flock.  As the other ducks line up behind, the drag on them is lessened. An uplift is created as each duck flaps it wings.  You see it takes everyone stepping up to do hard tasks at times.  If a duck gets off track, it will quickly get back in the formation because the flight is easier in formation for it.  So you see alone, we cannot get far.  We need others around us.   They quack and honk during flight thus giving the leader encouragement.  When was the last time you gave encouragement to someone around you that is a leader?  When the lead duck tires, it falls back to the end of the line and the next in line steps up so to speak to take the leadership role.  So the leader knows when it is time to step down and let someone else take the reigns.  A good leader.  A good leader allows his team to step up and take control and trusts them to do the job.  Did you know that if a duck is ill, two others will go down with it and stay with it to help protect it and will stay with it until it regains it's strength to move on or it dies.  Two other ducks allow it to stay at the rear of the pack while sick so that they can take turns taking the lead and the brunt while it can take the easy route.  This teaches us that when someone is down and out, we should step up and help them out and allow them to have a pass for a while.  And, it tells us to stay by them until they are better or healed.  Wow.  I don't know about you - but ducks are a great role model!   When the ducks take off again, they rejoin a flock if able.  They know that more can be done with teamwork.  The more they have on their team, the further they can go. 

This reminds me of a quote by Helen Keller: "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

We definitely need one another - for laughs, strength, encouragement, help and so on.  It takes us all to pull together - for a team, for work, for life in general.  God has made us all special and unique.  No two people are exactly alike - not even twins.  Twins may look alike, but there is differences in personality, capabilities, talents, etc.  We are all unique.  That doesn't make someone bad because they aren't just like you, but we should learn that we can benefit each other in doing good.  We can each bring strengths, encouragements, ideas.  Everyone is needed.  If we could all just work together like ducks do - what an amazing world it could be.  Now here is my quote for you.  It;s part of a poem I wrote as a youth in school  I think it holds true still today.  "It's too bad that we can't realize that we aren't on different planets cast into space, but on one planet...under God's grace."

Take this lesson and see how you can help others and be a good team player at work, at home, in life. 

Do you have any special stories to share?  Help inspire us and send them in.  You'll get credit for your stories so give me a shout! 

Until next time....God bless you and keep you!

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  1. What a great reminder! I definitely need to send some encouragement to the leaders in my life!!! Also, I love the reminder to help and encourage those who are sick/down. Great post!!! Thanks for sharing.