Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Are you ready?  Time - it is a constant and whether we are ready or not - it continues with or without us.  There are so many things we have to get ready for - - work, school, events etc.  Sometimes we get very lost in our days and we forget those things that are important.  Are you ready?  God tells us to be ready even though we do not know the time or day of his coming, but we should be ready.   So, thinking about that, how many of us think we have more time than we actually have to be ready?  We take for granted that we have all the days ahead of us when in reality, we could only have this one.  I know I have not readied myself enough. We are given a lot of parables in the Bible to ready us, but do we catch them? read them?  Noah had to prepare for the flood; Joseph and Pharoh were prepared for the seven lean and seven fat years.  They stored up during the fat years for the lean to come.  You know we have all heard the news, watched tv and should know by now that crops are not doing well and prices of groceries are climbing and we get less for our buck these days.  Perhaps we need to watch the signs in front of us today and prepare our families for harder times too.  Maybe having a stash of items - extra groceries, first aid, etc. can help us in these harder financial times.   Some may say - that could be greedy but who is to say you would use it all for yourself?  Perhaps if you have more, then you can be the cornerstone in your neighborhood to help others if the time arises.  God tells us in the Bible that we will face harder times as his time nears.  Bread will cost a day's wages.   Some people say, God will take care of me.  Well, he will, but that reminds me of the little story of the guy who is trying to escape flood waters.  A truck comes by to evacuate him and he says no thanks that God will help him.  As the waters rise, he is now on his roof and a boat comes by and he says no thanks God will help him and then a helicopter and same story.  The man drowns and when he gets to heaven he says God, why didn't you save me?  The reply comes - well I send a truck, a boat and a helicopter.... The way I see it is that God gives us a brain to use and the ability to help ourselves too and the ability to seek his will and his wisdom.  So if Noah was prepared, and Pharoh prepared, then why don't we? We can ready our spirit and hearts by reading his word, but then prepare our families and others by perhaps enhancing our pantries when we can.  Buy when on sale, a little more than normal.  The worse thing is that you'll have extras later on you can donate to food pantries, or homeless, but what if the droughts, rains, fires, earthquakes worsen and what you save today can help you later or those around you?  By reading and getting into his word, then we can be more prepared for the time we need to be.  I know I am not near ready...Are you ready?  
Let me know what you may be doing  - I'd love to hear from you!
Until next time.....