Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthdays - - weren't they fun when you were young?

I recently had a birthday and though not everyone remembered, the day passed just as any other.  Birthdays were fun when we were young.  Presents and cake and balloons.  As I age I really only get presents from my spouse, there are no balloons and no cake. The day just sort of passes.  When did I get this old?

As time passes it seems I get more emotional about things around me.  Visits are more precious, calls and cards mean more.  I now know I'm getting older.  I think about how much my life has past and wonder - how much will I have left?  Already some of my classmates have passed away - how can that be? Inside I still feel very young - but my body and aches tell me otherwise. 

No, birthdays aren't as fun anymore as I now find it reminding me of my growing age.  It seems it just sneaks up on you.  Why in the world didn't I realize things when I was younger? Done things differently?  Do you ever think like this dear reader?

Birthdays also remind me as I age, I take things more in appreciation too though.  Visits mean more, people mean more.  Less is taken for granted.  That is a good thing so I guess with age does come some wisdom (and not just gray hair!)  I now also don't need to impress anyone or live my life a certain way for anyone - another plus for aging. 

You know God never promised us a tomorrow though we live our lives like we are going to live forever.  So today, whether you are young or older, start living today like it is your last.  Learn to forgive those you need to, call someone you haven't talked to, tell someone what they meant to you, take a walk with your best friend, but live.   Don't wait for tomorrow for tomorrow may never come.    Help someone, do something to make not just a difference - but a good difference.  As you age, what will your mark be on the world?  Those around you?  Those closest to you? 

Some people get depressed as they have another birthday, but do what I do - celebrate the fact that you and I survived another year - look at it like the TV show Survivor - you are surviving life.  You are given another day, year etc. to make a difference.  

Now go out and celebrate you - don't wait for others to remember or celebrate you - do it yourself.  Be kind to you - take some time for you and enjoy the fact that you have every opportunity to make a difference to someone.   Actually each day we have on this earth is like a birthday when after each night we go to sleep that we wake up and have another day.  I thank God each day for the next day he has given me.  Start appreciating the days you are given and you may find that life can become more meaningful.

So happy birthday to you!  (now where's that cake?!)  : )

until next time....