Friday, February 24, 2012

Hurry Up...And Wait

The waiting game..don't you just love it?  I always said when going to an appointment, I rush to get there and then they have you wait.  Hurry up...and wait.   Sometimes the wait is worth it - I got a job!  Yeah!  It pays less, but it is closer to home and less stress.  It was worth the wait.  But sometimes, you are in a hurry and everything seems to stop you and you get frustrated and feel like the character in the cartoon image above.  Here's a waiting scenario I know you will appreciate below....

Yesterday, I finally clocked out on time for a change and was excited to be on my way home.  I got to my car and reached into my purse for my cell phone.  I reached again, and again.  Where's my phone? I pulled things out, looked in my lunch kit, in my bag - where's my phone?  Oh no, I must have left it at my office.  I leave everything locked up in the car, go inside and up the elevator, around to the side that is still open (as my side locks and I don't have a key) and back around to my office.  My heart became heavy as I saw no phone on my desk.  I looked inside the drawers, on the floor;  where is my phone?  All I could think of is that I left it some place and someone could be having a wonderful time calling Alaska, China, Brazil - who knows?  I rush back out to my car.  I look again - no phone.   Okay, I thought ... I'm taking everything back upstairs with me and dumping it all out and looking again. So back up I go to my office.  I reach inside my purse - feel around everything - nothing. I look in my bag, my lunch kit, my desk drawers again - nothing.  I stop and ask God for help finding my phone as at this time, I'm in a panic.  I calmly go through the routine again and this time, my phone is right there in my purse.  Why did I not see it or feel it there before?  Why did it not vibrate when I called it before?  How would I have missed that?  I load everything back up and go back outside again and now I have wasted about 20-25 minutes.  Getting in the car I thought to myself how crazy I was not to have seen it before.  Now I'm getting frustrated because it only takes me about 25 minutes to get home and all I could think is gosh, I could have been home already if it weren't for that stupid cell phone missing!  I kept replaying that thought in my head.  I finally reach the long road I have to turn down that has the most miles on it and get just a piece down it when a sheriff has the road blocked and is detouring us down a long about country road.  Great, I thought.  Now I'll be home even later!  Ugh!!  But as I drove down this long road in the country, something came to light bulb went off in my head so to speak.  Perhaps I was delayed with my phone dilemna to avoid the accident that was on the road I would be going down.  Maybe there was a reason I was delayed.  Maybe God had his hand upon me and delayed me.  That could be me right now in that accident if I left on time like I had planned.  I thanked God if that were the case and the feelings of being late home dissappeared and now I was happy I was delayed.
So if you are going through life and something keeps delaying you - take it as perhaps there is a reason.  Sometimes it pays to hurry up...but wait!  Perhaps we don't always know the reasons we are delayed, but take it that there is a reason and thank God for it.  Enjoy the view along the way!

Thank you all who have commented in and wrote me for prayers on the job, my lupus and such.  May blessings be upon you all who read this and to those you pass it on to.  I lost track of the blog while searching for my job but now I am back and ready to inspire you so stay tuned.  Let me know if you've had any hurry and wait scenarios that you were glad happened!

Until next time...

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