Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wildfires - They Are Among Us!

When fire is cried and danger is neigh,
"God and the firemen" is the people's cry;
But when 'tis out and all things righted,
God is forgotten and the firemen slighted.
~Author unknown, from The Fireman's Journal, 18 Oct 1879

Wildfires - they can come in many forms in our lives.  But, right now, true wildfires are all over Texas and the rest of the country.    I know about Texas as it is where I'm from and the state looks like one massive fire pit.  Can you imagine - no rain, over 100 degree temps and firefighters having to work on these night and day?  My heart goes out to them and also to all those losing their homes and businesses.  I pray that the end comes soon for these fires and they stop spreading.  We are already seeing smoke from distant fires and it is getting scarey.  I've been told that some people are just given a moments notice to GET OUT NOW!  Can you imagine?  What would you grab on the way out?  Wedding photos? Important papers? Your Bible?  You only have a second to get out..what do you take?   I've come to realize not by choice but by circumstance that the things we have are just things and whether I had a lot or now a little, I can still be happy.  We all want that American dream, but many folks don't have it at all.  So if you find yourself in a circumstance that you have to sell, or you lost things, you too will eventually see that things are things and they are not what is truly important in life. 

Yes wildfires come in all ways, but it is how we handle the loss or tormoil that really counts. 

Why not take a step today to go to someone providing a service like firemen, police, military, etc. and see what you can do for them?  Stop by their station and ask - what they could use, a meal? Blankets? Toys to give children they run across?  Or perhaps you may even see if it is a neighbor that may have trouble - an elderly couple or widow - what wildfires could be going through their lives as they age?  I bet they could use a helping hand, grocery pick up, lawn mowed, etc.  We get so caught up in our own lives and the hustle and bustle of this world, we forget our fellow mankind.

Think about what is important in your life.  As many right now can attest to - you can lose it all in flames in a matter of seconds.  Pray for the firefighters and all those people losing everything. Think about your blessings. 

Tell me, what would you grab in a matter of seconds?  What are those items most important to you?  Send me a comment!

Until next time....

Update Today - - Yet another fire broke out, this time nearer my home.  When will this stop? Pray for rain!

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  1. Without hesitation, I would grab my baby girl and head out the door. Nothing more, nothing less.