Friday, September 2, 2011

My Will Be Done?? NOT!!

This post goes out to those believers out there that truly need to see God's work in action. 

No matter how many trials I go through, I still try to make everything "my" will.  As you all know, I've been seeking a job and I've done everything in my power to get that job where I wanted to be.  My will, my power, my might.

I gave up the other day. Discouraged. Broken. Depressed. Everything seemed to be going wrong.  Then I realized that I really and truly have not given this all up to God.  I prayed about it, but gosh how hard did I fight to do things the way I wanted?    So broken down, I just gave it up.  I prayed to God and told Him I was crumpled at His feet.  I had nothing left to give or do to help my situation.  I turned it to Him - all of it.  Whatever His will be for me - whatever door He opens for me.  I would accept it.  I apologized for trying to take control again of my life. 

The very next morning, I received a call....with a job offer.  I kid you not!!  Now it is not in the town I was pushing so hard for and I have to drive further to get there,  but did I not say - I'd go and do wherever He led me?  I did.   So perhaps this is something that will turn out fantastic and a place I would not have looked at otherwise.  
I am amazed how once again, once I turn it all over, God steps in.  If I were Him, I'd be scratching my head about me.  I'd think - what is wrong with this person?  Why does it take her all this time to just give up control and turn it over?  How many trials must I put her through until she learns?  Why does she not just leave it up to me?   DUH?!?!

Well, how's your life going?  Are you trying to live it as "my will be done"?  Or are you releasing all your problems, cares, concerns etc to Him.  And if so, are you doing it fully to all its extent?   I could just kick myself. Haven't I learned this yet? 

If you are going through something.  Talk to God. Tell Him you are done trying it on your own.  Imagine yourself just laying down at His feet and asking Him to lift you up and for His will to be done in this situation.  Let go and let God.   So much of our happiness can get taken by stress, life, etc.  Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy any longer.  Stand up, take it back and know that God is on your side like He is on mine.  Lets make today the day that we stand together and praise Him for His works, and ask Him to show us His will for us and the plan He has for us.  We are important to Him and if we can just turn it over to Him, then maybe we can watch His will for our lives.  Do something for Him today to - go out and bless someone going through a hard time and help them turn it over as well. 

Has God been working in your life?  Send me a post - I'd love to hear it and post it for all the readers!  God Bless!

Until next time...

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