Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/11 - A Day of Reflection and Awakening

9/11...In some ways it seems like yesterday and in others it seems like a very long time.  Remember how everyone came together?  Why does it take tragedy for us all to come together?   Not just as a whole, but even in our own personal lives. 

As I watched TV today of all the tributes,  I am reminded myself of where I was on that day.  I was at home watching the news that morning and I remember calling my spouse and telling him what happened.  I actually saw the second plane hit on live TV.  It is something I'll never forget and I'm saddened by what all the people there saw and will never forget. 

One of the news anchors made a comment that struck me and it was something like in regards to those that worked in the buildings, there were many that lost their lives, but the servicemen like firemen and police, etc. - they "gave" their lives.  It is so true that they gave up their lives in order to save many others.

I'm reminded that this is what God did for us. He gave up His only son for us.  It puts that into perspective when you think of sacrifices people do for each other - especially the service men and women in fire and police departments, our military and such.  We have our freedoms because of their sacrifices.  God gave you and me a freedom as well, from our sins, by having Jesus die on the cross for our sins. 

Today, I went through my jewelry and found a flag pin and wore that.  It is not one of the small little lapel pins, but a nice pin with stones on the flag and a gold post.  I remember buying this pin when I was very young with my mother.  You see back then, there were a lot of American flag items and jewelry.  I remember the honor I felt when my mom bought herself one and me one.  I remember parades where when the honor guard walked with the American flag, everyone, not some, but everyone stopped talking, and stood up from their chairs and ground and put their hands over their hearts as the flag went by.  I've gone to a parade in a small town in Texas where some still did that and as I stood, I look around and so many were just ignoring it, talking, not honoring the guard carrying our beloved flag.  We seem to take things for granted and we seem to have lost our honor in many cases being an American.  We take our great nation for granted.  Yet, the military and service people are on the line every day protecting it for us.  We tend to ignore or take that for granted as we do God until He is needed by us.   It should not take a 9/11 to have us all be proud Americans or to remember God.

Today, I'm going to start remembering the honor it is to be an American and the values and morals that were placed upon me as a young child and pull that flag pin out more often or at least put it up front so I see it every day. 

As you reflect on today, truly think of all those sacrificing for you every day and how special you are for someone to do that for you.   In particular, how special you are for God to sacrifice His son for you.

If this inspired you, send me a comment - I'd love to hear from you. 
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  1. I am so thankful for the all the people who have sacrificed their lives so I can live free in this great country, but I am so glad you spoke of Jesus's sacrifice. He deserves more praise, thanks, honor, and glory than we could ever give.