Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feeling used by the world but still expecting God's miracles!

Have you ever had to "wait" on God?  We know He is there with us and we do our best to trust in Him, but sometimes waiting is the worse part.  Looking for an answer.  But, have you ever thought that maybe the answer is no and you already have your answer?  That not getting any change or result may be the answer? 

As you all know, I've been looking for a job and I've asked God to open doors for me that should be open and slam shut the doors that shouldn't be open. 

The other day I was called in to an "interview" or so I thought.  Turns out they only wanted to speak to me because they needed sales reps and since I was laid off from a similiar company, they wanted to see if I knew any sales reps looking.  Of course I felt so used and frustrated.  How could someone have me drive 20+ miles for a supposed interview, not have a job for me to talk about, but try to use me to help themselves find sales reps!  I was shocked as I sat there in the chair across from this man. I didn't give him any names - why would I after what he did to me.  My hopes were all high, I was all dressed up, thinking - is this my new job?  And for what?  That?!   Needless to say I went through plenty of emotions including crying my way home.   I then emailed him and told him I felt that was very unprofessional and to remove my resume from his email that I would not be interested in anything in the future.  I then sat and sought God in all of this.

But wait...didn't I ask him to slam doors to places that wouldn't be good for me?  I think this one got slammed right in my face!    Dust myself off, pick me back up...start again. 

Good news - today, I got an email from a job I interviewed with a few weeks back and the req for the job has been approved, but the salary and other approvals still need to be discussed. No offer yet, but my hopes are still high.   It's hard to wait on God, but perhaps it is something we all need to do sometimes is sit and be still and wait. 

Hurry up...and wait.  It's the hardest thing to do.  But, I think if we can be silent in Him, he can perform the works or miracles we need.  It's our haste and our will that messes things up. 

Try today to sit still in His word or in prayer and then wait for the answer.  We can look for opened up doors together!

Until next time...