Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi all - well, here I am again - laid off as of tomorrow.  Seems my struggles are not yet over.  My first reaction is of course to throw myself a pity party and cried all the way home.  But now, here I am, trying to dust myself off and pick myself back up.  I so appreciate all your comments on my past stories as they have uplifted me.  Isn't that what we all need in these times?  To pick up others?  Though this is going to be very hard on us, I have to remember that God is in control.  That He has never let me down before.  But you know what?  It's hard to see it that way when it's happening to you.  My hope, faith, trust went right out the window at the time I got the notice.  Despair, darkness, hopelessness crept in so easily.  It is so easy to get down, but through all my years, I have to keep remembering that all of those negative things don't have to take me down.  That I've come through these things and worse before and that there has to be a reason for it all.  I have tumid lupus so stress is not a friend to me.  So why I ask must I keep going thru stress?!!  Ever wonder things like that?  But here is what I know.  If you too are going thru tough times like me....we have to know that these trials make us stronger. (I should be equal to Hercules by now! LOL)  Perhaps there is someone we can help get thru something because of what we went thru and at the end of the day, I have to return to my faith and turn it over because if not, then I'll get stuck in a downward spiral which doesn't help anyone.  So here I am - taking the leap of faith that God will see me through this.  So if you too are going thru something...take today and make a decision to dust yourself off, pick yourself up, see the light that all is not hopeless and that we can all get thru this.  Lean on a friend, talk to family, get it out and then get on with life.  So tomorrow, I file for unemployment and start my search.  I am choosing not to let this steal my joy - to know that this is just another stepping stone and the beginning of something new.  It's all in perspective...I can choose to sit in despair, or I can choose to be strong and move on.  Not saying it isn't easy and I know that along my search, I'll probably fall down again, but as long as we can keep picking ourselves up - then we win.  How's your perspective doing?
Until next time....(and hopefully back employed!) ; )

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