Monday, November 14, 2011

We all need a little prayer...

Okay I hate to admit it but I'm human. As much as I try to shoulder a lot, sometimes I break down.  I'm looking for all prayer warriors out there.  Lately I'm under attack.  Things just aren't going the way they should and for those of you that don't know, I have tumid lupus.  It seems to be getting worse.  I have flare-ups on my face of all things and my body aches pushing me into fatigue.  I try to cover it all up and smile and have to go through the day working and pretending that everything is alright when it is not. 

I try to keep others inspired which inspires me..but sometimes we just need to lean on each other.  Now is one of those times.  Are you going through the day smiling a fake smile as I am lately?  Is someone you know not as cheery?  Think about what someone else may be going through and say a prayer for them today.  Sometimes we all just need some uplifting.    You know I don't smile a lot right now - I'm hurting.  For those that truly know me - will see through my fake smile, but it is suprising how much people just don't take the time to really look at one another. Even family gets busy and doesn't realize.  We have lost touch.   We are so rushed. So busy.  Take time and look at those around you.  I bet there is someone out there that can use a hug, a card, a prayer.  Do you?

My prayer and wish for you all reading this is that you will all be kept safe, healthy and protected.  That you will feel blessed by today and be a blessing to others.  Slow down and really see those around you.  They won't be in your life forever.  We all plan to retire and live a long life, yet so many times, I'm reminded that always doesn't happen.  A past coworker of mine recently died.  He was 65.  I bet he planned his whole life waiting for retirement.  Don't wait - live today, enjoy today and be a blessing to someone today.  Don't live with regrets.    What will you do?  Drop me a line and let me know.
Until next time...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/11 - A Day of Reflection and Awakening

9/11...In some ways it seems like yesterday and in others it seems like a very long time.  Remember how everyone came together?  Why does it take tragedy for us all to come together?   Not just as a whole, but even in our own personal lives. 

As I watched TV today of all the tributes,  I am reminded myself of where I was on that day.  I was at home watching the news that morning and I remember calling my spouse and telling him what happened.  I actually saw the second plane hit on live TV.  It is something I'll never forget and I'm saddened by what all the people there saw and will never forget. 

One of the news anchors made a comment that struck me and it was something like in regards to those that worked in the buildings, there were many that lost their lives, but the servicemen like firemen and police, etc. - they "gave" their lives.  It is so true that they gave up their lives in order to save many others.

I'm reminded that this is what God did for us. He gave up His only son for us.  It puts that into perspective when you think of sacrifices people do for each other - especially the service men and women in fire and police departments, our military and such.  We have our freedoms because of their sacrifices.  God gave you and me a freedom as well, from our sins, by having Jesus die on the cross for our sins. 

Today, I went through my jewelry and found a flag pin and wore that.  It is not one of the small little lapel pins, but a nice pin with stones on the flag and a gold post.  I remember buying this pin when I was very young with my mother.  You see back then, there were a lot of American flag items and jewelry.  I remember the honor I felt when my mom bought herself one and me one.  I remember parades where when the honor guard walked with the American flag, everyone, not some, but everyone stopped talking, and stood up from their chairs and ground and put their hands over their hearts as the flag went by.  I've gone to a parade in a small town in Texas where some still did that and as I stood, I look around and so many were just ignoring it, talking, not honoring the guard carrying our beloved flag.  We seem to take things for granted and we seem to have lost our honor in many cases being an American.  We take our great nation for granted.  Yet, the military and service people are on the line every day protecting it for us.  We tend to ignore or take that for granted as we do God until He is needed by us.   It should not take a 9/11 to have us all be proud Americans or to remember God.

Today, I'm going to start remembering the honor it is to be an American and the values and morals that were placed upon me as a young child and pull that flag pin out more often or at least put it up front so I see it every day. 

As you reflect on today, truly think of all those sacrificing for you every day and how special you are for someone to do that for you.   In particular, how special you are for God to sacrifice His son for you.

If this inspired you, send me a comment - I'd love to hear from you. 
Until next time....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wildfires - They Are Among Us!

When fire is cried and danger is neigh,
"God and the firemen" is the people's cry;
But when 'tis out and all things righted,
God is forgotten and the firemen slighted.
~Author unknown, from The Fireman's Journal, 18 Oct 1879

Wildfires - they can come in many forms in our lives.  But, right now, true wildfires are all over Texas and the rest of the country.    I know about Texas as it is where I'm from and the state looks like one massive fire pit.  Can you imagine - no rain, over 100 degree temps and firefighters having to work on these night and day?  My heart goes out to them and also to all those losing their homes and businesses.  I pray that the end comes soon for these fires and they stop spreading.  We are already seeing smoke from distant fires and it is getting scarey.  I've been told that some people are just given a moments notice to GET OUT NOW!  Can you imagine?  What would you grab on the way out?  Wedding photos? Important papers? Your Bible?  You only have a second to get out..what do you take?   I've come to realize not by choice but by circumstance that the things we have are just things and whether I had a lot or now a little, I can still be happy.  We all want that American dream, but many folks don't have it at all.  So if you find yourself in a circumstance that you have to sell, or you lost things, you too will eventually see that things are things and they are not what is truly important in life. 

Yes wildfires come in all ways, but it is how we handle the loss or tormoil that really counts. 

Why not take a step today to go to someone providing a service like firemen, police, military, etc. and see what you can do for them?  Stop by their station and ask - what they could use, a meal? Blankets? Toys to give children they run across?  Or perhaps you may even see if it is a neighbor that may have trouble - an elderly couple or widow - what wildfires could be going through their lives as they age?  I bet they could use a helping hand, grocery pick up, lawn mowed, etc.  We get so caught up in our own lives and the hustle and bustle of this world, we forget our fellow mankind.

Think about what is important in your life.  As many right now can attest to - you can lose it all in flames in a matter of seconds.  Pray for the firefighters and all those people losing everything. Think about your blessings. 

Tell me, what would you grab in a matter of seconds?  What are those items most important to you?  Send me a comment!

Until next time....

Update Today - - Yet another fire broke out, this time nearer my home.  When will this stop? Pray for rain!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Will Be Done?? NOT!!

This post goes out to those believers out there that truly need to see God's work in action. 

No matter how many trials I go through, I still try to make everything "my" will.  As you all know, I've been seeking a job and I've done everything in my power to get that job where I wanted to be.  My will, my power, my might.

I gave up the other day. Discouraged. Broken. Depressed. Everything seemed to be going wrong.  Then I realized that I really and truly have not given this all up to God.  I prayed about it, but gosh how hard did I fight to do things the way I wanted?    So broken down, I just gave it up.  I prayed to God and told Him I was crumpled at His feet.  I had nothing left to give or do to help my situation.  I turned it to Him - all of it.  Whatever His will be for me - whatever door He opens for me.  I would accept it.  I apologized for trying to take control again of my life. 

The very next morning, I received a call....with a job offer.  I kid you not!!  Now it is not in the town I was pushing so hard for and I have to drive further to get there,  but did I not say - I'd go and do wherever He led me?  I did.   So perhaps this is something that will turn out fantastic and a place I would not have looked at otherwise.  
I am amazed how once again, once I turn it all over, God steps in.  If I were Him, I'd be scratching my head about me.  I'd think - what is wrong with this person?  Why does it take her all this time to just give up control and turn it over?  How many trials must I put her through until she learns?  Why does she not just leave it up to me?   DUH?!?!

Well, how's your life going?  Are you trying to live it as "my will be done"?  Or are you releasing all your problems, cares, concerns etc to Him.  And if so, are you doing it fully to all its extent?   I could just kick myself. Haven't I learned this yet? 

If you are going through something.  Talk to God. Tell Him you are done trying it on your own.  Imagine yourself just laying down at His feet and asking Him to lift you up and for His will to be done in this situation.  Let go and let God.   So much of our happiness can get taken by stress, life, etc.  Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy any longer.  Stand up, take it back and know that God is on your side like He is on mine.  Lets make today the day that we stand together and praise Him for His works, and ask Him to show us His will for us and the plan He has for us.  We are important to Him and if we can just turn it over to Him, then maybe we can watch His will for our lives.  Do something for Him today to - go out and bless someone going through a hard time and help them turn it over as well. 

Has God been working in your life?  Send me a post - I'd love to hear it and post it for all the readers!  God Bless!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feeling used by the world but still expecting God's miracles!

Have you ever had to "wait" on God?  We know He is there with us and we do our best to trust in Him, but sometimes waiting is the worse part.  Looking for an answer.  But, have you ever thought that maybe the answer is no and you already have your answer?  That not getting any change or result may be the answer? 

As you all know, I've been looking for a job and I've asked God to open doors for me that should be open and slam shut the doors that shouldn't be open. 

The other day I was called in to an "interview" or so I thought.  Turns out they only wanted to speak to me because they needed sales reps and since I was laid off from a similiar company, they wanted to see if I knew any sales reps looking.  Of course I felt so used and frustrated.  How could someone have me drive 20+ miles for a supposed interview, not have a job for me to talk about, but try to use me to help themselves find sales reps!  I was shocked as I sat there in the chair across from this man. I didn't give him any names - why would I after what he did to me.  My hopes were all high, I was all dressed up, thinking - is this my new job?  And for what?  That?!   Needless to say I went through plenty of emotions including crying my way home.   I then emailed him and told him I felt that was very unprofessional and to remove my resume from his email that I would not be interested in anything in the future.  I then sat and sought God in all of this.

But wait...didn't I ask him to slam doors to places that wouldn't be good for me?  I think this one got slammed right in my face!    Dust myself off, pick me back up...start again. 

Good news - today, I got an email from a job I interviewed with a few weeks back and the req for the job has been approved, but the salary and other approvals still need to be discussed. No offer yet, but my hopes are still high.   It's hard to wait on God, but perhaps it is something we all need to do sometimes is sit and be still and wait. 

Hurry up...and wait.  It's the hardest thing to do.  But, I think if we can be silent in Him, he can perform the works or miracles we need.  It's our haste and our will that messes things up. 

Try today to sit still in His word or in prayer and then wait for the answer.  We can look for opened up doors together!

Until next time...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Motivation and Inspiration - - What is Yours?!

What gets you motivated?  To work hard, clean your house, be a better person?  You know we may have our faith, but there are times when it's just hard to get motivated.  Or we've let someone or something just take our joy or perhaps all our energy.   As you all know, I'm still searching for work and while I'm doing that - hearing that others are employed or found work or that someone had something just fall into their lap can be very frustrating and I found myself a couch potato today.  So I thought about all of you and what I can do to inspire me to inspire you!  So I got up and looked up some inspirational quotes.  These are really great and helped me perk up and pick myself up again and dust myself off to prepare for another day tomorrow.  You know, we were never promised tomorrow - so we might as well enjoy today!  Remember, if you have anything you'd like to share - a story, a healthy recipe - a great tip or idea - send it to me and I'll post it so we can all share in helping each other make it in this crazy world!  Now read the quotes below and be inspired!!  
Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown

Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.  ~Art Linkletter
Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.  ~Judy Garland

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown

---------------And some final words from me to you----------------------------------------
When you think you are ready to give up, it is then you must get up!  
Go out and start your day tomorrow - see what you can do, do the unexpected, take a different route, plan a new strategy.  For anything bad happening today, won't matter in 5 years from now.  Change is if you don't like what is happening now, hold on - it will change soon!   Blessings to you all - have a great day!
Until next time.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take Time

I realize now in my job search all the time I lost when I worked.  Time with God, family and nature.  In our hustle and bustle it is so easy to get lost, drive fast, go go go.  Now that I'm at home searching for jobs, the internet is consuming my time, when I worked it was work, etc.  But we need to remind ourselves that we need balance.  We need God, family and even time for our ownselves. 
Stop today for a minute.  A brief stance in time where you can just look outside and see God's wonders, be it in the stars or sunset or the beauty of a trees and flowers or mountains.  Thank Him for the glorious place we live.  Then take some time each day to find something you are thankful for.  Acknowledge it to Him.  Enjoy life as it goes by fast.  And as I keep searching, I'll try to step aside from the mad search and stop to enjoy some parts of the day and put all my worries and problems aside and give God the glory for the things He has done for us and turn over my issues to Him.  Try to do the same today - won't you?
Until next time...

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi all - well, here I am again - laid off as of tomorrow.  Seems my struggles are not yet over.  My first reaction is of course to throw myself a pity party and cried all the way home.  But now, here I am, trying to dust myself off and pick myself back up.  I so appreciate all your comments on my past stories as they have uplifted me.  Isn't that what we all need in these times?  To pick up others?  Though this is going to be very hard on us, I have to remember that God is in control.  That He has never let me down before.  But you know what?  It's hard to see it that way when it's happening to you.  My hope, faith, trust went right out the window at the time I got the notice.  Despair, darkness, hopelessness crept in so easily.  It is so easy to get down, but through all my years, I have to keep remembering that all of those negative things don't have to take me down.  That I've come through these things and worse before and that there has to be a reason for it all.  I have tumid lupus so stress is not a friend to me.  So why I ask must I keep going thru stress?!!  Ever wonder things like that?  But here is what I know.  If you too are going thru tough times like me....we have to know that these trials make us stronger. (I should be equal to Hercules by now! LOL)  Perhaps there is someone we can help get thru something because of what we went thru and at the end of the day, I have to return to my faith and turn it over because if not, then I'll get stuck in a downward spiral which doesn't help anyone.  So here I am - taking the leap of faith that God will see me through this.  So if you too are going thru something...take today and make a decision to dust yourself off, pick yourself up, see the light that all is not hopeless and that we can all get thru this.  Lean on a friend, talk to family, get it out and then get on with life.  So tomorrow, I file for unemployment and start my search.  I am choosing not to let this steal my joy - to know that this is just another stepping stone and the beginning of something new.  It's all in perspective...I can choose to sit in despair, or I can choose to be strong and move on.  Not saying it isn't easy and I know that along my search, I'll probably fall down again, but as long as we can keep picking ourselves up - then we win.  How's your perspective doing?
Until next time....(and hopefully back employed!) ; )

Friday, June 3, 2011

I've heard from so many struggling, I thought I'd blog my message on The White Crepe Myrtle Tree.  This is a true story and I wrote it originally one day as a lay person's message to give in church.  It touched many people so I hope it will touch you and help you see that you can make it through anything.  With that - enjoy!

The White Crepe Myrtle Tree - -

A few years back, my husband and I were both laid off literally a day or so apart from one another!  Imagine our shock.  It was also at a time the economy was bad and other major companies were laying off and workd was also hard to come by.  I thought for sure we'd find something fairly easy, but I was wrong!  We were finding jobs at about 1/2 the salary we had...finally, we had to accept them as nothing else was coming our way.  I didn't know how we'd make ends meet on the new salaries we had but I tried not to think about it.  Now my husband is analytical, logical and a number person so I knew he was watching our income to debt ratio and I knew in the back of my mind he would approach me one day about our situation. 
The day came.  He told me we may need to think about things as the new salaries aren't the same we had.  You see he was gently "planting seeds" in my mind.  I knew what he was up to...but I ignored it.  So little by little he tried his best to prepare me for the worst.  The day came.  He confronted me full on with - we can't make it on our new salaries and stay where we were.  I felt like a brick hit me and took the wind out of me. As we discussed it, of course I knew he was right, but I was angry at the situation.  I worked hard at work, I worked hard for the land and I worked hard for our home...and now we can't stay?  He took his time with me, but I cried and struggled with it.  Why God? I asked. I felt even anger to God because I couldn't understand how this could happen to us.  I sat on the back porch and through tears asked and begged him.  I told him that all I ever asked for was just a small farm house, nothing fancy, but I had settled for a double-wide manufactured home.  I asked for the white picket fence and those 2.5 kids that people speak of and always wanted a white crepe myrtle tree out front and I felt - this was not that much to ask for and I didn't get any of it.  No farm house, no tree, no kids - I was devasated now that we would have to even sell what we did have.  The day came and I finally agreed to put our house up for sale thinking - this will take a long time.  The next day we had a call.  Are you kidding me?!  They wanted to buy - we needed to sell.  Where are we going?  My mother approached me and said we could move into my grandpa's 2 1/2 room house.  Mind you this is not 2 1/2 bedrooms - I'm talking 2 1/2 rooms!  One square room where they had their kitchen and dining room and one square room which was both their bedroom and living room, bed one one side, couch on the other and the 1/2 room was a porch they closed in to make a utilty and bathroom out of.  She had no idea what shape it was in because renters just moved out.   How was I going to fit 3 bedrooms worth of stuff into that?  At the same time, I always loved being at my grandparents.  So we agreed not knowing what else to do.  We sold off most of our things - there went my china cabinet and crystal and china we got for our marriage and little by little our things dwindled - all the while I am not with the plan - fighting and struggling all the way thru tears.  How God? I kept asking.  When we opened the door to what would be our new "home" - my heart sank.  The ceiling fan hung eye level by wires, the wood floor was varnished almost black, smoke stain on the wall made what was a light paneling gray with crayola marks on it, a popsicle among other items stuck to the floor.  I looked at my husband in tears.  Well fix it he said. So my family and I went to work.  There were all sorts of things from roach infested to smells - I can't even tell you. First call- exterminator - next call - someone to strip the floors. We painted after that.  We finally moved in. We had our bed in the middle with our recliners touching it and our entertainment center on the wall - boxes everywhere and just to get to bed one had to climb over things.  Why God?  A few months past and I was still not with the program.  So one Saturday I was frustrated because stuff was everywhere and I had no place to relax and so I looked at my husband and said "I can't take this anymore - I've had it!" and I stormed out the front door.  There I stopped cold. In tears, I cried out to my husband - Come Here!  What? he replied.  Look I said and pointed.  A tree in the front was now blooming.... a white crepe myrtle tree no doubt.  God has answered my prayer. I asked for a small farm house and I always wanted that type of tree and so here we are.  From that point on, I shut my mouth and humbled myself realizing I had a roof over my head, it was a small farm house and there is my tree.  (So watch what you ask for - I should have said medium-sized farm house!) LOL.   So from there I asked God's forgiveness for me trying to hold onto my things and not praising Him or trusting in Him.  I gave it all up that day to Him.  My father had cancer and so later we realized by living there which was next to my parents, we could be there to help them.  I was there to hear his call when he fell in the yard and was there to help lift him up.  I was there when my mother fell and helped her.  Later my father passed away and I was so grateful that God put us where we needed to be.  It was His will for us to be there.  And each morning I can see that my mom has opened her blinds in the house so that is my sign that she is okay.  I realized things are just that - things.  And, that I didn't need all those things.  That this little house is a blessing in that our bills on it were smaller which helped with our new salaries.  Later from the sale of our other property, we were able to pay off some of the bills and my brother-in-law and other contractors helped us add an official bedroom and proper bathroom making it now 1068 sq feet.  Not much by others standards - but it is enough for us.  Many have told us this is a stepping stone and you'll find something bigger later.  But I tell them - no, God has us where He wants us and I think we may just stay - after all we are growing older too and this would be a perfect house for us to grow old together in!

So remember, we may not know the plans God has for us, but if we can let go and give in and hold on for the ride - it will eventually be revealed and you will realize He was in control all along!

Until next time....

Little Blessings

Well, many or some of you know that my story was published on Insight of the Day today
The response is overwhelming and so inspiring back to me.  As I have been struggling through some things this week, it was wonderful to see God's love being poured out in messages of inspiration back to me.  Thank you all for the warm-hearted messages.  And it appears now that I've gone from 2 followers to 27!  Looks like I'll have to get busy blogging again! (lol)  
Feel free to send me your stories of inspiration or anything that will benefit our readers and I will gladly post.
Until next time...keep walking in the faith!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Blessings

Have you ever had a little blessing?  One that came out of no where?  Let me inspire you today.
After work, I stopped by a store.  Getting into the checkout line, I heard the gentleman in front of me giving a lady directions and telling her "Have a Blessed Day - God Bless".  It caught my attention because I rarely hear that and I for one, was happy to hear it.  After all, couldn't we all use a blessed day?  Anyway, he was buying a gift bag and some tissue and such for someone's gift.  He told the cashier, he was able to pay $1.75 in cash toward it and would charge the balance.  She said the balance is .96.  He began to swipe his card.  "Stop" I said, "Don't swipe your credit card for .96.  I'm trying to get out of debt and hate seeing anyone using a credit card - don't swipe your card for that."  I handed the cashier a one dollar bill.   Stunned, the man turned and said thank you and shook my hand and gave me a "God Bless You".   The cashier handed me my .04 change and held my hand as she placed it in my hand and said, "That was so unexpected.  You will really be blessed."  I told her that I hoped so that I sure could use some!  So I checked out and my total was $6.50 and this young man who I have no idea who he was, said to the cashier, "wait - how much is her total?"  I turned to see this young, clean cut man pulling his wallet out.  "No" I said "my total is a lot more than his .96!"  He handed the cashier the money.    I just wanted to cry right there on the spot.  I gave him a hug of thanks and told him that was so nice of him and as I turned to the door, I did have tears welling up in my eyes. 

After the week I've had of everything to go wrong, my .96 turned to $6.50.   I bet the cashier couldn't believe what was happening in front of her.  I truly hope all those that witnessed this really saw God's hand at work.  In a world of protests, shootings, and other horrors I don't even want to write - here in a small quiet way - I saw blessings and God's work again happening in my life.  When I got to the car, I couldn't even speak and had to just thank God for letting me experience that and said a special prayer for the young man who paid for my belongings.   It touched my heart so much and that $6.50 had such a great impact on me.  I felt inspired again of the good that is out there.

So, here is a challenge for you.  Lets see if we can pass something on - shall we? 
Pick at least one day (or more!) and do something small for someone else.  Do you go through a toll booth?  Then tell the attendant you want to pay for the car behind you - let the attendant know that they don't know you but you just want to do it.   If you see an elderly person loading groceries, stop and help them or if someone is in line at a store behind you and looks like they need their spirits lifted, do what the young man did for me - tell the cashier you want to pay for the person behind you too - - just because.    Is there a policeman, fireman, nurse, doctor or someone who serves the public eating at a restaurant where you are eating?  Pick up their meal ticket without saying anything and go to the waitress or waiter and tell them you want to pay for their meal or tell the waiter or waitress you want to pay for their meal and have her grab the ticket for you if you are shy.    See someone working hard outside?  Drive by and hand them a bottled water.  I'm telling you--seeing it pay forward tonight for me - was inspiring to say the least and I bet you can experience it too if you just do something like I mentioned above. 

If you do my challenge to you, then stand back and see the smile on their face, or the handshake or hug you'll get - it'll brighten your day too.   And, if you do something and you believe, then be sure to throw in a God Bless You or Have a Blessed Day too!

So go get inspired...and if anyone ever reads this that hears this story from the young man - - let him know I've said special prayers for him too and how much his gesture touched my heart today.

Have you experienced a little blessing lately?  If so, post it in my comment section!  Or if you take my challenge, post me a comment and tell me what you did and what happened.  We can all use some inspiration - so share them and let others get inspired by you too!   Oh....and ....Have a Blessed Day!  ; )

Until next time.....