Friday, October 29, 2010

Sleep, Zinc and Halloween!

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   Sleep, Zinc and Halloween and a great Trail Mix Recipe at the end!

It's that time of year again that makes my dogs bark non-stop as the kids trick-or-treat through the neighborhood or my neighbor has their "last to the wee hours of the morning" haunted house in their back yard.  It's a time I don't look forward to I have to say because I become sleep deprived.   So if you are in the rush of things or just sleep deprived like me - try to get extra rest now - especially with weather changing to cooler temperatures and allergies and flus running around. 

Did you know that sleep helps repair the body, keeps the heart healthy, reduces stress, improves memory and helps with weight!  Check that out on the web - but try to get your zzzzzs in! 

And, for times when you don't and you are getting runned down and under the weather - try zinc!  Whenever I start getting a sore throat, I try a zinc supplement.   You see zinc in lozenges so we thought we'd go straight to the source and get a zinc supplement.  But below is information I took from The Benefits of Zinc website.  Google zinc and see all the benefits this mineral has for you - you may be surprised!

"To fight colds, use a zinc nasal spray four times a day or suck on zinc lozenges that contain 15 to 25 mg of zinc gluconate every two to four hours as soon as you notice symptoms. Stop when symptoms subside. Consuming zinc on an empty stomach can cause nausea, so take zinc supplements with food. " -
The Benefits of Zinc
By: Dr. George Obikoya

Have a safe Halloween this year.  Times have changed and with offenders in neighborhoods, recalls alone on foods etc - think about ways to keep you and your kiddos safe.  A local carnival, a church festival or just going to a few houses you know.  Once you are home, put in a great movie to watch and have some snacks and an entire family game night.  Parents, put down those computers, PDAs, Kindles, Gamers etc. and enjoy your family.  You never know when the last time is you may see someone - we aren't guaranteed a tomorrow so enjoy today! 

Below is a semi-healthy snack you can even try which I of course found...on the web!  It's a great alternative to handing out candy, or if you are on the run, it's a great snack for you too!  Until next time...enjoy!

Trick or Treat Trail Mix

Journal as: 1 serving low-fat cracker, 1 serving dried fruit, and 1 serving nuts.
1 cup of pretzel sticks or mini pretzel twists
1 cup of reduced-fat cheese crackers (such as Reduced Fat Cheese Nips)
1 cup lightly salted roasted or party peanuts (or similar nut)
1 cup orange or black dried fruit (raisins or dried apricots or dried peaches)
1/2 cup Halloween M&Ms (optional)
  • Combine all the ingredients in a big bowl and toss to mix well and enjoy
Or, as a healthier alternative to handing out candy:
  • Use a 1/2 cup measure to scoop out 1/2 cup of the mixture into a zip-top or plastic bag. Tie the ends closed with orange and black curling ribbon or decorative wire.
Makes 9 (1/2 cup) bags
Per serving: 213 calories, 6 g protein, 30 g carbohydrate, 8 g fat, 2.5 g fiber, 227 mg sodium.

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