Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't be a prisoner to allergies!

Life is short - and if you are like me, I was tired of living it miserably.  Please note that I am not paid to endorse any products or that. I'm just trying to help others that have been suffering and to inspire you to well being and a better life.

Start today trying something other than those over the counter, man made pills and get back to some whole foods, and natural supplements - you've got nothing to lose and so much of your life to gain back. 

For now, I want to inspire people close to my heart - - allergy sufferers....

I have had chronic allergies for the past 10 or more years. And, unless you've had chronic non-stop allergies - it's hard to sympathize or understand what one goes through. A typical morning could be a box of tissues, coughing, eyes watering and that was just at 9 am! Working with such issues is another matter. By noon, I finally felt better. It has been a struggle and a quality of life that I just did not like.

However, there are some natural products that have been helping now. One is called Congest Away which we found at Whole Foods. Another is NSC 24 which we found by watching Doug Kaufman on TV. I have to say the NSC 24 Beta Glucan works for me!! Finally - no more boxes of tissues per day, but maybe one tissue for the entire day.  The NSC 24 does have to be ordered online at http://www.nsc24.com/.  .  Bascially the way they described the product is like putting glasses on your body.  The body can see that hey, that is an allergen - just let it go - don't create histamines and get you all congested and such,  just ignore that.  I believe I remember a child with really bad asthma that they said took it and helped her, but you could need to contact them directly with all your concern or questions to see who can take it and what all it helps.  I don't know what all is in it - I just know it has made my allergies almost completely go away.  I'm calling this my little miracle pill because without it - I was miserable daily.  With it - I am gaining back a great quality of life.  It doesn't come cheap - but what is feeling better worth to you?

Of course talk to your own doctor before doing anything etc.  I'm not making any claims,  and as I said, I am not getting paid for endorsnig or getting anything in return.  They don't even know I'm endorsing them!  I'm just stating I know it works for me and wanted to share in case it can work for you.

Good luck!  And remember, be inspired by something around you.  A sunset, a friend, a way of life, a recipe, a book - just find something today to make you smile!  Until next time....

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