Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can Lack of B12 Cause Havoc? You Bet....

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Be sure to check out Amanda's comment on B12 and her experiences.   You know we all forget that certain mineral and vitamin deficiencies can really cause havoc in our lives and as she points out, foods you thought contained things, just may not!  So take a look at her comment - maybe you can benefit from it too.

Amanda wrote:
"I don't know how else to post your your blog other than posting a comment. I recently found out that I have a B12 deficiency. I just wanted to urge everyone to check your breakfast cereal/granola to make sure it is fortified -- and includes B12. I have eaten Kashi brand cereal for a long time, and recently switched to granola. To my surprise, neither were fortified! I was very surprised to realize that all of the Kashi brand cereals that I checked were not fortified!! Now, this alone did not make me B12 deficient, but it certainly didn't help. B12 is found naturally in animal products: fish, meats, milk, cheese, eggs (yolks) but not so much in yogurt. B12 deficiency can cause permanent damage such as nerve damage and memory loss. I suspect I might have some short term memory loss (I had to be reminded to pick up my son from his speech class, twice within a month. Several times a day I have to check things such as "Did I turn on the dishwasher?", "Why did I walk into this room? What was I going to do?" I've also noticed things like no remembering if I shampoo'd my hair. I know everyone has things like this from time-to-time, but mine seems worse in the last 3-4 weeks and SEVERAL times a day. Two weeks ago, I got really sick with a high fever, and I went to the doctor. I explained to the doctor about my persistent fatigue. She did blood tests and found that I had low B12. I'm now prescribed B12 shots every other week for 6 weeks, and then I have to get re-tested. I started taking a multi-vitamin again religiously 2 weeks before getting sick. I highly suggest a multi-vitamin including B12 on a daily basis. When I went in for my first B12 shot, my hands were practically un-usable. I could barely drive, open doors, and a number of other daily activities. About 45 minutes after getting the B12 shot, my hand/finger pain greatly reduced. It became more a "tingle". I'm hoping that this is a sign that it's not permanent nerve damage, but hoping it will get better with high levels of B12. About 3 days ago, I've started noticing some slight pain with the tingling in my hands. I get my next B12 shot tomorrow. So, I'll be interested to see if it gets better soon after the shot. I've definitely made dietary changes (ie. fortified granola, eating more meat, and eggs.) I'm working towards eating things that are healthy and fresh and staying away from processed food. This really has nothing to do with my low B12, but more the idea of being healthy."

Great post Amanda - Thanks for the info and keep those types of things coming!
On another note, a great B12/B6/Folic Acid product I found is from Trivita.  You have to order it online at  It is a sublingual pill (goes under your tongue) for faster service into your blood stream and doesn't have to be digested like a pill.  The combination of the 3 products is supposed to offer: 
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Decreased dangerous homocysteine levels, which lessens the risk of developing heart disease and Alzheimer's Disease
  • Emotional balance
Now that homocysteine is what makes cholesterol "stick" so if you can decrease that - sounds like a plan to me!

I hope Amanda's article and this blog helps someone in some way.  Until then, be inspired and healthy!!

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