Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspiration Awaits....My first blog!

Hello and welcome to my very first blog.  I'm hoping this blog will inspire folks not just on my topics, but others as well.  We can be inspired in life, health, by our beliefs and well, just about anything!    So feel free to share anything that can inspire us to be better - mentally, physically, and so on.  Ideas, articles, recipes, and the such are all welcomed!

So lets start today.  If you see a wonderful book, a great healthy recipe to share, a photo of a beautiful landscape you took - - share it.  Lets work together and inspire each other and give us all something to smile about.   If you have a funny story, clean joke, share it.  If there are wonderful products, doctors, etc. you've searched and finally found - send it to me and we'll share it.  Lets face it.  We are all in this world together, we might as well help inspire each other to a better life.

Won't you follow this blog and help make it the best it can be?   Send your comments and anything else, but please it must be clean before it will be posted....I just roll like that! ; )

Have a wonderful and blessed day - until next time...


  1. Hello I just discovered your blog through the insight of the day from Peggy McColl...If you would like I could share a few of my healthy recipes and photos with you...I am a weekly contributor to the Kora Organics Blog Miranda Kerr's Organic Skin Care and all things Organic website and blog (my recipes are under Chef Kate)
    I am also a perspnal chef...check out my website...making a new one here in Sydney, where I am at the moment:) and loving it here!!!! So much good going on...Thank you for sharing!!!!!!! Sending "The Flavor of JOY" yourway! Chef Kate:)

  2. Hi! I just loved the recent friday story I got from the Insight of the day and because I have my own blog that I hope helps people to get better in their lives and do better in regards to to their health, finances and may be just change and give a grate boost for their outlook in general. So I am following you and I would much appreciate if you would join me too. The only issue might be, that I do not believe in any religion, but I do believe in the higher order of life and the things that Bob Proctor is talking about when he describes energy being the same meaning as God... So if we can agree to disagree :D the we still can make a grate team towards I feel a common goal... :)

    Good luck anyways!